'To Be or Not To Be, Innit' and 'Planet Word'

A quote from Martin Baum’s best-selling ‘To be or Not Be, Innit, a Yoof-Speak Guide To Shakespeare’ has been used in a book to accompany Stephen Fry’s television series ‘Planet Word’.

'To be or Not To be, Innit' is now seen as an accepted part in the evolution of the English language and a reflection of modern culture which has made literature fun and acceptable. 

The quote that has been included in the ‘Teenlish (or Romeo and His Fit Bitch Jules)' section of the book has been taken from the story of the same name.

‘Verona was de turf of de feuding Montagues and de Capulet families. And coz they was always brawling and stuff, de prince of Verona told them to cool it or else they was gonna get well mashed if they carried on larging it with each other.’


Planet Word is available online and in shops.

Published by Martin Baum on 26/09/2011