Eastleigh Result Gives A Warning To The Tories, Labour And the Lib Dems

After UKIP took votes from the Tories, Labour and the Lib Dems during last week’s Eastleigh by-election, Lib Dem peer Lord Tyler now claims that a vote for UKIP is ‘fuelling the same distrust of foreigners that triggered WW1’.  With ignorant and provocative accusations like that it’s little wonder voters are now turning away from all mainstream political parties.

David Cameron is not the first Prime Minister to go down in history always believing that he’s right.  They all do.  Like all other leaders before him he’s sticking to the programme which means absolutely no U-turns whatsoever and what’s sure to be certain defeat at the next General Election.

However, despite coming third, the Eastleigh by-election wasn’t just a disastrous day at the polls for the Conservatives alone.  The result was also a reality check for each of the other parties contesting the seat, especially given how the local electorate turned away from the combined political might of the ‘Big 3’ and voted UKIP.

The fact that the main parties have little to recommend themselves should be of great concern to Cameron, Miliband and Clegg.  And should proof be needed then all they need do is heed what happened at the Italian General Election when 23 per cent voted for a protest movement led by comedian Beppe Grillan.  That’s right, a comedian.

What the Italian people wanted was fundamental change and that one simple democratic act has since shaken a failing political establishment, not just in Italy but also across the Eurozone.  And it’s that growing disenchantment that should be a major cause for concern for the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems ahead of the next general election in 2015.

There is a growing weariness in this country which is unhappy at seeing politicians of all colours gifting tax payer’s money in foreign aid.  Gordon Brown was driven by it, David Cameron delivers on it and Nick Clegg endorses it.

£11.5 billion is being earmarked for 2014 and of course there’s Britain’s £5.8 billion contribution to the European budget.  Yet while money flows out of Britain, severe austerity measures are being heaped on the citizens of this country and something has to give.

While on the one hand the rise of UKIP should be seen as no more than a protest vote, the wonderful thing about democracy, as the Italian’s have proved, means that Cameron, Miliband and Clegg should take notice before the democratic process chews them up and spits them out as nothing more than political waste. 


Published by Martin Baum on 07/03/2013