Chris Huhne And Vicky Pryce Are Sent Down For Eight Months

On Monday yet another so–called ‘esteemed’ politician was sentenced in the name of vanity while his ex-wife was jailed for an act of vengeance that went wrong.  Yet for all their so-called intelligence and academic brilliance that set them apart from everyone else, clearly  – as they begin their sentences - they are anything but.

Now Chris Huhne has been convicted alongside his ex-wife - the ‘brilliant’ economist and former government adviser Vicky Pryce - for perverting the course of justice, one has to wonder if the jailing of the lamentable and regrettable double act was actually worth the bother.  

After all, given the eight month jail sentence handed down to Huhne at Wandsworth prison and Pryce at Holloway, what it means in reality is that they will serve just a quarter of that time in custody before being released on electronic tag for the second quarter before being freed.

Already there has been so much written about what prison life will be like for them.  The journey in a ‘sweat box’ vehicle to the slammer with up to 12 other prisoners, threats, intimidation, strip searches and of course the obligatory suicide watch.

The list goes on and on but hey-ho, they’re in prison, so what?  The consequences of their duplicitous and manipulative actions are of no consequence to anybody but themselves and that’s where any concern for the both of them should end.  

Huhne - a law maker - broke the law while Pryce played the marital victim while she tried to stitch up the man who dumped her for another woman, Carina Trimmingham.  What it came down to was a basic instinct of survival.

Between them, this pair of intellectual superiors who revelled in being a cut above the rest was anything but.  However, perhaps of the two, Huhne will have the most to reflect on as he begins his four month stint in prison.

After all, while his sentence is automatically halved the points on his driving licence won’t be.  So every cloud.

Published by Martin Baum on 13/03/2013