The MMR Boycott Leaves 2 Million Children At Risk Of Measles.

After his son was born in 2000, Tony Blair refused to say if he had allowed him to have the MMR jab, citing his right to family privacy.  As an ordinary citizen then perhaps that would have been nobody’s business but his own but, as Prime Minister, he had a duty to reveal if his son had been immunised.  That refusal to do so can now be attributed as a contributory factor behind this new measles epidemic.

The devastating effect of the measles outbreak of the 60s was shocking.  It caused thirty thousand miscarriages while another twenty thousand pregnant women who contracted the disease gave birth to babies who suffered severe deformities, including blindness, deafness, limb defects, heart defects, and mental retardation.   

Yet given how Blair would have been aware of this and as his son was to have a jab, reassurance of the MMR inoculation needed to be given as a matter of course.  But this didn’t happen even though his refusal to say one way or the other was at odds with Government health policy. 

The assumption was that Blair and his wife Cherie had given their son a single measles injection, instead of the MMR inoculation, which vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella.  Despite no hard evidence at the time it was said that it could be linked to autism and bowel cancer and it was enough for the Blairs to avoid the triple jab.

Subsequently this created a ripple effect on parents who took it upon themselves to follow Blair’s example and decided to follow suit by boycotting the MMR jab.  The implication seemed to be that if the Blairs didn’t trust it then why should they?  But given that short-sightedness, millions of children are now at risk of catching measles from a Blair-induced epidemic.

Despite this, he still insists that he has 'no regrets' about refusing to reveal if his son Leo  had the MMR jab, which is just about as glib and conceited as he could get.  After all, given the consequences of his selfish actions, almost 900 people have been infected by the Swansea measles outbreak with the number of reported cases rising to 121 in the past week alone. 

Blair famously doesn’t do regrets;  the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are testament to that but now, as the people of Swansea can now testify, he also doesn’t do MMR and for that he must apologise and apologise now.

Published by Martin Baum on 24/04/2013