Esther Rantzen Offers Nothing New About Child Welfare But Still She Tries

After Stuart Hall pleaded guilty for indecently assaulting 13 young girls, in another piece of tired journalism, Esther Rantzen writes how sick, revolted and angry she is.  But after failing to speak out over Jimmy Savile, the same can be said of her.

No sooner is a high-profile celebrity from yesterday exposed in the media as a depraved child abuser and sexual deviant, than another is rolled out even before the showbiz stardust has had a chance to settle.

After Jim Davidson, Max Clifford, William Roach, Stuart Hall, Jimmy Tarbuck and all the others arrested by the police, related or unrelated to Jimmy Savile, one ‘celeb’ who can be sure to be giving an opinion is Esther Rantzen, no matter how tainted it is.

Despite failing to speak out over rumours she heard about Savile during her time at the BBC, Rantzen’s latest headline grabber to stop ‘vile’ abusers like Stuart Hall is to call for a hotline for whistleblowers;  this from the founder of Child Line who stayed silent until after Savile’s death.

Last year I blogged about Rantzen’s tacit failure to follow her own Child Line advice which was to try to detect children at risk before their lives were in danger by anonymously reporting it.  Yet despite her shameful part in the silence that allowed Savile to remain at large until the day he died, it seems that it’s now impossible to stop Rantzen from speaking out at every available opportunity. 

Such blind belief in her own shortcomings runs a close second to Gerry McCann who, with his wife Kate, had left their four-year-old daughter Madeleine alone with her two-year-old twin siblings in their Portuguese holiday apartment.  They did this so they could go out for a meal with friends.

But despite being responsible that didn’t stop McCann from travelling to America to discuss policies on preventing child abduction with the US Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales.  The irony speaks for itself and Madeleine is still missing, all because she was left to fend for herself.

Rantzen, like Gerry McCann, fails to see her own culpability in failing to protect children instead of dispensing futile - if not puerile - advice, as a failed self-appointed child welfare custodian, perhaps the best thing she can do is say nothing at all.

Published by Martin Baum on 08/05/2013