Anti-Government Protests Are Misguidedly Being Called A Turkish Spring

The idea of yet another 'Spring' being sprung in Turkey has now, by even the stretch of any cockeyed optimist, begun to sound old.  Although the Arab Spring has long since evaporated into nothing more than a damp squib, still the west has been fanning the flames of democracy no matter what the cost to civilian life.

With widespread anti-governmental demonstrations currently raging across major cities in Turkey, this has finally given way to media speculation that somehow, with thousands of protestors taking to the streets of Istanbul, Ankara and Izamer, it is being touted as a glorious Turkish Spring.

Yet given how Spring fever has so far only resulted in unresolved death, destruction and failure across the Middle East, it’s quite evident that being associated to the Spring Union is no stepping stone to anything other than more of the same.

The Arab Spring has been nothing more than an excuse for indiscriminate killing of civilians by Muslims on Muslims.  Perhaps this is a reason why the Turkish authorities have been active in quelling any popular support of its own citizens by its show of extreme force. 

And yet despite the brutality, even at this early stage, with no help on offer by the so-called League of Arabs to save their brother Muslims from Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ruling AK Party, Turkey is now the latest cause célèbrefor the West, and how it revels in all its smug self-importance.

Flaunted as the latest sacrificial lamb to the Spring fever, the terror being played out in Turkey is captivating the West in the same way as Egypt did and Syria does.  The Arab Spring was doomed from the start because it cannot deliver a Western-style democracy because the ruling and oppressive Muslim classes don’t want it.

Yet despite this, still, the will of the West is for Turkey to follow a doomed cause called democracy and current history is against it.  The fact is for every country that declares a 'Spring' is as welcome as a pass the parcel package wrapped in a Belfast pub and sadly, albeit predictably, it would appear that Turkey is to be the next unfortunate recipient of this toxic, gift.

Published by Martin Baum on 05/06/2013