Happy Birthday Shakespeare

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.  These words written by William Shakespeare could have easily been about him.


For as much as is already known about his plays the same cannot be said about the man himself.  After all, as a director, producer and writer, Shakespeare was the ultimate Elizabethan luvvy and this makes him as relevant to the 21st century as he was in the 17th.

In researchingthe Shakespeare, I've discovered something about his flair for self-publicity which makes sense given his gift for creative writing.  As an artiste he could be just as sensitive to criticism as any major celebrity today, and when it came to matters of fidelity, one can only imagine what Anne Hathaway had to contend with. 

Shakespeare aficionados who hang on his every word are a forgiving fan base who cannot look beyond the creative genius that made him Britain’s greatest playwright.  But as for me, however - and to quote the Bard himself - "the golden age is before us, not behind us", which I see as being more about discovering what  what we don't know about him than what we already do.

Published by Martin Baum on 19/04/2015
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